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Mikkris House

 Hollow vessels are technically difficult to craft with fine walls and narrow openings. Hand burnished finishes, each piece is signed, dated and numbered by the artist. Mikkris House  produces pieces throughout the year showcasing the very best of  Tasmania's native trees and magnificent timbers from around the world.



Our new workshop and gallery is in the historic Geeveston Town Hall located at 15 Church St. Geeveston. Feel free to call in and watch Ross at the lathe Thurs-Sun afternoons. We look forward to seeing you.




New pieces are added as they are completed with old favorites also listed .

Hollow vessel

"Renaissance" Laminated lidded hollow vessel. Finished in Japan black with iridescent highlights of gold, blue and purple adorned with a Huon pine finial.

Dimensions: 540mm high x 210mm

Hollow vessel
Lidded hollow form in Black Heart Sassafras.

Open hollow form in Burled Myrtle. Intense figure and texture combine with full form grain density. Deep red in color with bark inclusions in a weighty piece that would centerpiece any room.

Dimensions: 260mm high x 210mm

Lidded hollow form in Black Heart Sassafras. Light and shadow with proud lines highlighting contrast deep within the grain. Finished with  the warmth of natural oils and topped with an ebonised finial

Dimensions: 330mm high x 160mm

Wishing pots

"Wish Keepers"  An ancient tradition re-imagined in a beautiful  series of individually designed pieces. These small treasures are unique and have become highly sought after collectables.

Dimensions Approx: 100mm high x 75mm

Bowl in ebonised Willow

"Crucible" Open bowl in ebonised willow.

Deep walls and dark apricot tones contrast against the blackened exterior creating a striking visual contrast of color and texture.

Dimensions: 220mm high x 200mm

Hollow vessel Tasmanian Oak burl

"Ginger Pot" Hollow form in burled Tasmanian Oak.  Intense figure, tobacco colored with bark inclusions waiting to be found. Rare and exquisite timber from Tasmania's ancient forest.

Dimensions: 230mm high x 190mm

Hollow vessel in Black Hearted Sassafras

Lidded hollow vessel in Black Heart Sassafras.  Full figured in shades from black to creamy white, stress inclusions give texture and a reaching finial in ebonised oak.

Dimensions: 250mm high x 170mm

Hollow vessel

Lidded hollow vessel in blonde Willow and ebonised Oak. Clean flowing lines with apricot grain in an elegant form grounded by a contrasting base. Crafted from fallen Willow.

Dimensions: 340mm high x 180mm

Hollow vessel
Hollow vessel

Lidded vessel in Elm, Burled Myrtle and Ebonised Oak. A whimsical piece focusing on grain and texture. The Burled Myrtle collar contracts with the color and form of its captures.

Dimensions: 250mm high x 150mm

"Myrrh" Lidded vessel in  Burled Tasmanian Oak. Intense grain and color, shaped in an ancient style reminiscent of earthenware and crafted from ancient Tasmanian timber.

Dimensions: 260mm high x 180mm

Hollow vessel
Huon Pine hollow vessel

Hollow vessel in Ebonised Willow. Copper highlights the exterior inclusions with underlying grain defining the form. Crafted in fallen Willow

Dimensions: 220mm high x 160mm

Hollow vessel in Huon Pine.

Warm, close grain with jagged bark inclusions crafted from this most ancient of Tasmanian timbers. Subtle colors from golden butter to soft creams follow this pieces flowing form.

Dimensions: 240mm high x 150mm

These pieces, along with works from previous collections, are currently on display at selected locations.  Please see our contact page for details or find us on Facebook

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